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*Most of these rules should be pretty self-explanatory but as there have been issues in the past with people feigning ignorance or misunderstanding I thought it best to expand on the rules for some clarity.

  • Mature and family friendly server ~ Please use common sense

~This means your behavior and language should reflect that of a mature and family friendly environment i.e:
-No cursing or other foul language
-No insults or rude remarks
-No discussions of any adult topics or any other inappropriate or controversial topics

  • Do not be disrespectful towards staff

~Staff members are volunteers so do not be demanding, they will help you when they are able.

~Do not argue with staff in public chat, all staff decisions are final.  If you have issues with a staff member please report it in the "Problems/Issues/Complaints" section.

~Lying to a staff member about breaking server rules is a ban-able offense.

  • Be respectful towards others

~Treat people the same way as you would like to be treated, in other words, if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

  • Pvp must be mutual

~Mutual in this case refers to a verbal agreement between you and another player, if they did not give you specific permission to pvp with them then you are not allowed to attack them.

~Hitting someone with a fist/dirtblock etc. is still against the rules, whether you are doing minimal damage or not is irrelevant, it is still considered an attack as they are still taking damage.

  • No griefing or raiding

~This includes the breaking or removal of any blocks or items that do not belong to you.

~For example:  Removing some blocks to get through a wall is considered griefing even if you replace all the blocks you removed.  If they player had wanted you to enter they would not have placed a wall.

  • No hacking or exploiting

~This speaks for itself, anyone using any hacks or exploits will be instantly banned.

  • No spamming or advertising

~Spamming includes:

-Excessive use of symbols or letters such as !!!!!!!!!!!!! or @@@@@@@@.

-Speaking or talking in all caps.

-Saying the same thing over and over:  If no one responded they are probably busy or do not know the answer, do not repeat yourself pointlessly.

- Begging:  Do not ask for special permissions/ranks/items etc.

Ask if you need help with something or want to trade but do not continuously pester people or keep asking if they said no or did not reply.


~Do not mention, discuss or promote other servers, even if it is your own.

  • No mob-grinders or mob-stacking ~ The controlled use of naturally occurring mob spawners is allowed.

~Mod-grinder:  A player made construction for the purpose of spawning mobs.

-Example:  Mob-Grinder
-These structures have caused a lot of problems with lag in the past and any such structures will immediately be removed without question.

~Mob-stacking:  Placing several mobs in a very confined space with no room to move freely.

-Example of an acceptable sheep pen next to an unacceptable, over-crowded sheep pen:
Sheep Pens
-Excessive mobs will be removed without question.
-If you are not sure if your pen is too crowded, you can use the rough rule of thumb of 1 mob per every 4 blocks.

~Mob-Spawner:  A naturally occuring item that can be found in game.

-Controlled use in this case simply means turning the spawner off when you are not actively using it.  

*The main reason for this rule is to avoid mobs bumping into each other.  Every time a mob collides a method is called. Method calling = cpu usage, too much cpu usage = lag.

  • Do not enter homes without permission

~Home in this case includes the yard/garden or any other fenced in area.
~If the owner did not give you permission to enter, do not enter.
~If the owner is not online, and there is no sign that says you are allowed to enter, do not enter.
~Exceptions: Moderators may at times enter your home without permission when trying to pin-point a source of lag or dealing with other issues. Please report any misuse or abuse of this exception.

  • Do not build within 200 blocks of someones home without permission (Spawn area excluded).

~200 blocks is a rough guide, respect other players space and build further away if you plan to make really large constructs or buildings.

~Any construction or buildings built too closely without permission will be removed and the materials used to construct it will be lost.

  • Turn off redstone machines/creations when you are not actively using them

~ With the release of 1.8 there is a lot of opportunity to create some amazing constructions, including flying machines and the like.  While it is not against the rules to build these, we do expect you to take responsibility for your builds and turn them off when you are not using them.

~If you need to experiment then find a safe place to do so, any runaway machines will get you banned.

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