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Ancaria News
[Admin] ALufkin24 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Apr 2014
Ancaria News:

LWC- LWC is now up and working. Players are now able to protects their items. Be sure to use /lwc help. If you want to add someone to your chest, doors, etc, type /cmodify <playername>.

Staff Applications- We are currently looking for Staff in different time zones. Join our Staff Team! Sign the Moderator Guidelines and fill out a application. Please note that applications are NOT by invite and we welcome anyone who wants to fill one out.

PVP Arena-  Are you looking for some fun? Then, grab a buddy and fight to the death! This is the only place that PVP is allowed  and both parties must agree to it.

Ranks- Ranks coming SOON!!

Dynmap- Dynmap coming SOON!!!

Economy- If you haven't already, grab a shop in the mall before the good ones are taken! Players are now able to create shops there. We ask that you make no changes to the walls. We are also creating Admin Shops. If you have something that you would like for us to sell, let us know and give us a price.

Spawn- We know it may look alittle disorganized, but have no fear, we are going to give it a face lift in the next coming week or two.

Minecraft Update 1.8.0- Before you can join our server, please make sure you haven't updated your client. We are waiting to update our server, b/c it will break our plugins. We want to make sure everything is stable first before making any changes / updates. When we do, we will let you guys know ASAP! 

Ancaria Staff wants to THANK YOU for your patience as we work the kinks out since we have just opened. We hope that you will make this your new home and invite your friends to join us. If you have any suggestion, please let us know.

11th Apr 2014 Deana
Warps are working :) Thank you
11th Apr 2014 Deana
WooHoo .... Thank you ... Love the Dyna Map, looking forward to those teleports in spawn as well
Now off to see some unchartered territory

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Ancaria News
[Admin] ALufkin24 · 10th Apr 2014

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