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What PS3/ Xbox games are you into?
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Joined: 4th Apr 2014
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8th Apr 2014

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone was into console gaming and if so, what games?

I used to play MGO2 for years until the servers closed a few years ago, now I just play GTA V, Skyrim, FIFA 14 and a load more other games!

Put yours down here to discuss them!

Kind regards, Anthony
Joined: 11th Apr 2014
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11th Apr 2014

I played Skyrim, but I got rid of my 360 for a PS3, and almost all the games I own are the Disgaea series. I picked up the rerelease of Tales of Symphonia, but I've only gotten half way through because I get distracted really really easily. I play some 3DS games too. lol
Joined: 16th Apr 2014
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16th Apr 2014

PS3/4 for me. I hate the Xbone. As for games though, FFXIV and the remakes of FFX/X2 mainly, but I play Battlefield 4 as well as a few of the Call Of Duty games and GTA5. I'm looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online, too.
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