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16th Apr 2014

I spent time today creating subregions in the mall for the ground-floor shops so that shop owners can place blocks and change the layout of their shops (don't forget, altering the original walls isn't allowed) but other members can't alter their shops and both shop owners and members can't alter the mall through grief etc.

As a result if you want a shop you will now need to post a reply below (please don't start a new topic!) and when I or one of the other Mods get online we'll add you to the shop of your choice. If the member of staff online doesn't know how to do it please be patient and wait for another to come online. This goes for the signs at the front of the mall as well, because as the mall is protected by WorldEdit you won't be able to place or remove signs - Staff will change the sign for you.

Staff, the layout is as follows:

Line 1: Shop #
Line 2: BLANK
Line 3: Shop Name (Shorten if necessary)
Line 4: Shop Owner

For example:

Line 1: Shop 4
Line 2: BLANK
Line 3: Butler's Bargains
Line 4: Butler342

Thanks for reading!

Kind regards, Anthony
Forum » Community Forums » General Discussions
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