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Joined: 6th Apr 2014
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26th Apr 2014

Thanks for Jason for picking this up so quickly and moving the players, in this instance I have given both shadow_paws and jessrex permission to my doors and chests ... (There my kids,,)

But thanks for being on the ball and spotting it, I have given both a talk on being mature on playing, not spamming, looting or grief of any kind, if thay are seen doing either please let me know and I will boot them myself .. before a mod can even blink!

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26th Apr 2014

It is so nice to see that MC and Ancaria is becoming a family project.
As you probably know, my wife Vala joined me playing on the server some time ago. It is much more fun to share interests with family and friends.

I have to admit that I started playing MC when my son gave me access as a Christmas present. That was v1.2 and MC has been improved a lot since then.

Regarding uninvited "guests" on properties, I suggest that all visits are done properly by /tpa. This is to ensure that guests are accepted and welcome.
I fully agree with you hating spamming and griefing of any kind, hopefully we can keep Ancaria free of such nuisance.

I must share with you two top experience stories from our first days in MC.

After a few deaths trying to fight mobs with bare hands, we built a hut. Then decided to survey the area and got lost for 4 solid "real" days before finding our hut again. Lesson learned, build towers to spot.
When cocoa beans were introduced, I wrote a message to Marcus (Notch), that made the game, complaining that there was no practical use for these beans. - Next version he introduced cookies.
Since then many nice items have been added to the game which makes it really colorful.

See you ingame,


Stefan (Sammi)
Joined: 6th Apr 2014
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26th Apr 2014

 : ) Yep it indeed makes for some fun times,  they know a  lot more than I do about MC... 
We have got our 3 houses close to one another, with a swimming pool and play area...
Roofs on houses is still something I just cannot do very well !

We are thinking maybe a small zoo /farm  ...Not enough to cause lag...   a few of each animal / mob if we can catch umm

Maybe worth a visit...

As stated, any issues form either of my two (jessrex and shadow_paws) leave them in prison...
Apparently they could /home from there so may need looking at  ...

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